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So you want to try your hand at the craps table, where do you begin?

As with all table games there is etiquette to follow. Craps players are different from, say, your blackjack or poker players. A high percentage of players are superstitious and have an almost religious routine when playing.

Being courteous to other players around you ranks high on the list more at the craps table than any other game you will find in a casino. Always be aware and make room for your fellow players. No-one likes a crowded table.

A crowded table is not a good place to start asking questions as players and dealers are too busy concentrating on the game at hand. To avoid this take advantage of the Free Craps Training that the casinos offer to guests

There are many players in the game of craps, the Shooter (one who throws the dice) and the players that bet with or against the shooter. Everyone, like yourself, is there to win so don't go shouting for loosing numbers against the Shooter unless you want to be nursing a black eye or the likes.

Las Vagas casinos offer Free drinks to players so take advantage of this and get a round in for everyone, but don't get too drunk and start spilling your drink over the table, this wont go down well at all. European and Canadian casinos donít offer this luxury.

One other important piece of advise is to Tip the Dealer if you are winning. Usually 10% of a winning of about $200 - $500 sufficient. Don't forget to tip the waitress too.

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